Located near to Petung Ulung River Tubing Site, Kebon Agung is considered a good choice when it comes to natural tourism in Nganjuk Regency. As the name suggests, this beautiful natural site is located in Kebon Agung Village and it belongs to Sawahan Sub-District. Due to its amazing environment and unspoiled nature, the village has turned into a new vacation destination both for the locals and outsiders. Visitors usually come to the location to enjoy photography, exploration, and relaxation. Some of them also want to watch locals’ activity directly like farming and cattle raising.

The Nuance

Kebon Agung Village is famous for its stunning natural landscape and panorama, featuring wide local farms and green hills. Moreover, the environment looks clean and neat! This creates a perfect nuance for tourists to spend a relaxing vacation with their families. The area is dominated by farms, even though several houses are also seen there. Other noticeable features are trees and plants that grow beautifully there.  All of these natural attractions become a good background for photography, without a doubt. On top of that, the air feels fresh as the village is surrounded by lush vegetation.

Exploring Kebon Agung

The most activity to do in Kebon Agung Village is natural exploration, as various types of beautiful landscapes reside there. These include farms, hills, and many others. Even a trip to reach the village is quite worthy for visitors. At the first time, they may see a pink gate at the entrance of the village. This spot usually becomes a background for selfies among visitors, so do not miss the opportunity to take pictures of it later.  

From the gate, tourists should walk for about 50 – 70 meters to get to the main spot of attraction. Here is the fact. Along the way, they may see several villagers who work on their farms too. These people look welcoming and they often give a smile to tourists or wave at them in a friendly manner. The thing is that local farmers are not always available to meet, as they have a working schedule as well. In order to deal with this issue, tourists should talk to their tour guide first before visiting the village (which is quite recommended).

The next allure of Kebon Agung Village is the presence of Goa Ndalem Hill, located above the site. No wonder, tourists are able to see such majestic hill from the village and take pictures of it freely. Later, they even have the chance to enjoy trekking and explore the hill with the help of a villager!

Nearby Attraction

  • Ngliman Mountain
  • Batu Songgong Hill
  • Sumbermanik Waterfall
  • Sumberanjlok Waterfall
  • Kweden River Park
  • Petungulung Adventure

How to Get There

For those coming from Surabaya City, they need to spend a trip for about 2 hours and 20 minutes as the distance is 129 km. The first destination would be Nganjuk Regency. Next, tourists should get to Sawahan Sub-District and reach Kebon Agung Village right away. As for a faster trip, they can take Surabaya – Mojokerto and Mojokerto – Kertosono Freeway actually.

Where to Stay

  • Adhi Hotel
  • Pasanggrahan Hotel