Tons of people are into natural tourism, as they want to relieve stresses and relieve stresses caused by daily routines. Well, in this case, the determining factor of satisfaction is definitely how good the destination is. Those who visit Nganjuk Regency, therefore, should never overlook Kweden River Park! This serene and beautiful tourist site is located in Salamrojo Village and it belongs to Berbek Sub-District, actually. What is it, exactly? The locals manage and take a good care of the site in order to attract more visitors. Not to mention they have built several facilities for tourists to enjoy there!

The Nuance

As the name suggests, the concept is a comfortable place to relax by taking advantage of the serene nuance of the river. In fact, this natural park resides on the riverside and surrounded by lush vegetation. As mentioned earlier, the site features many types of facilities including a swimming pool, fishing pond, and even camping ground! When it comes to the atmosphere, it feels so peaceful and soothing so everyone can get rid of those issues right away. It is the best medicine to relieve boredom, as well, somehow.

Exploring Kweden River Park

The main activity to do in Kweden River Park is none other than river tubing, for sure. Tourists usually come with either friends or families in order to enjoy such activity, as well. It is because river tubing is merrier if it is done in a group. Not to mention it becomes a good opportunity in order to bond with close people, especially family. Here is the good thing. They can take pictures together either before or after river tubing. These would be a nice documentation of holidays, no?

It is true that river tubing is the main allure of Kweden River Park. However, tourists can do other fun activities there including camping. Thanks to the strategic location and good management. Visitors can even rent the tent and other camping equipment, in fact! What is more? For parents with kids, they can bring the kids to the available swimming pool and enjoy good times together. Have no worries. The pool is safe for everyone, including kids.

Don’t get satisfied yet, as many other fun activities can be done at Kweden River Park. For example, there is archery! With the guide of the instructor, everyone can enjoy the activity in a safe manner for sure. As an alternative, there is a more peaceful activity to like fishing. Once again, visitors can rent the equipment provided by the management.

Nearby Attraction

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  • Batu Songgong Hill
  • Sumbermanik Waterfall
  • Sumberanjlok Waterfall
  • Kebon Agung
  • Petungulung Adventure

How to Get There

The distance between Surabaya City and Kweden River Park is 126 km, so the trip may take around 2 hours and 11 minutes to get to the site. First, tourists should head to Nganjuk Regency. Next, they can take another local transportation service and reach Berbek Sub-District. The last thing to do is to get to Salamrojo Village right away (where the park resides). Have no worries. This whole trip would be faster if they take Surabaya – Mojokerto and Mojokerto Kertosono Freeway.

Where to Stay

  • Adhi Hotel
  • Pasanggrahan Hotel