In order to make a memorable holiday, tourists should be considerate regarding where their vacation destination is. In this case, Nganjuk Regency should be everyone’s choice when they are visiting East Java Province. It is the home of various tourist sites including Nganjuk Agro Tourism Site of Rejoso Sub-District, after all. To be exact, this beautiful natural attraction resides in Rejoso Village (having the same name of its sub-district). The best thing is that everyone is allowed to enter the site freely and it is always crowded regardless of the time, including regular days and holidays.

The Nuance

As people may expect, they can watch numerous plants and beautiful flowers at Nganjuk Agro Tourism Site. Still, the most famous attraction on the site is the farming activities done by the locals. Most of them grow onions and other commodities there, which look attractive to tourists. Even the mountainous background makes it more worthy to explore (especially those who love photography). Another good feature of the site is the presence of pathway, so tourists can explore it in a comfortable manner. What tourists need to do is to come at the best time, which is in the morning, in order to feel the best atmosphere of nature. Another reason is that not many visitors as seen at the time.

Exploring Nganjuk Agro Tourism Site

The most common reason to visit Nganjuk Agro Tourism Site is none other than to explore the nature. That means the guests may explore the site and enjoy the nuance with their families. In this case, the best time to enjoy the activity is in the morning or during a good weather. It is because the rain may ruin the mood, so tourists won’t be able to enjoy the vacation at all. Another tip is that tourists don’t need to hire any tour guide in order to save some money for foods and snacks. The site is easy to explore, after all.

Of all plants that grow on Nganjuk Agro Tourism Site, onions become the most dominant ones. The fact is that Nganjuk Regency is the number one producer of onion within East Java Province. As for tourists, they should not miss the chance to take pictures of local farmers doing their job there. They even have the chance to take pictures with those people and learn how to cultivate onions or other plants.

Aside from exploration and photography, people also come to Nganjuk Agro Tourism in order to enjoy relaxation. They don’t even need to do anything there, as what they need is only fresh air and comfy nuance. Once again, it is important to come only during a good weather.

Nearby Attraction

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How to Get There

A trip to Nganjuk Agro Tourism Site may take about 2 hours and 25 minutes from Surabaya City, as the distance is 127 km. Tourists’ first destination is Nganjuk Regency, so they can head to Rejoso Sub-District afterward. As mentioned before, the site is located in Rejoso Village which is easy to find. Here is the tip. Make sure to take Surabaya – Mojokerto and Mojokerto – Kertosono Freeway for a faster trip.

Where to Stay

  • Wilis Indah Hotel
  • Istana Hotel
  • Asri Hotel
  • Djaya Hotel