This is a reservoir tourism belong to Nganjuk regency. It is located at Oro-Oro Ombo village, Ngetos district. It about 25 km to south of Nganjuk downtown. This reservoir has 4 meters depth and commonly visited by local people as family recreation.

Established since 2010, the reservoir uses as Tilapia fish farming. Meanwhile, it surrounded by village panorama. You can having charm nuance here. The visitors are mostly still from local people. A reservoir with a depth of 4 meters is Nila fish cultivation place.

We can fishing and enjoy the beautiful landscape in Oro – Oro Ombo. There are so many trees around the reservoir, it is blend from the tend of hot weather in Nganjuk and hill’s weather makes a good combination for fishing under the trees. The shape of Hills around the reservoir could be a beautiful landscape for taking a picture. It is a harmoniously object that can be a choice for refreshing with family and suitable enough for people who likes fishing.