Well, it seems all passionate adventurers have recognized a famous outdoor activity called rafting. However, not all of them are aware of river tubing for sure. It is true this activity shares the same medium to rafting, which is a swift river. One thing that makes it different is the facility used by tourists, which is a tube instead of a raft! When it comes to the best sites to enjoy tubing, everyone should consider visiting Sawahan Sub-District where Petung Ulung Adventure resides. As the name suggests, it is located in Petung Ulung Village and takes Batu River as the medium.

The Nuance

Petung Ulung Adventure is meant for a group, so it is going to be merry regardless the time of visit. Still, it would be more fun if tourists come during holidays or weekends! In terms of nuance, the panorama of Batu River is splendid and it even features a big bridge located on it! What is more? Tourists may see several small gazebos nearby, which they can use for relaxing later. Usually, visitors also use the gazebos for waiting their turn to enjoy tubing! Some of them even use it to eat snacks together with families while watching such fun activity from a far. The local kids prefer to watch it by sitting on the river stones, though.

Exploring Petung Ulung Adventure

Actually, Petung Ulung is not the only spot to enjoy river tubing. There is a good location like Kweden River Park, after all. Despite the fact, Petung Ulung Adventure is considered the best one when it comes to tubing! No wonder, it gets more visitors than Kweden. Not to mention it has a better popularity among outsiders. This also explains why tourists are likely to queue in order to enjoy the activity due to the high number of visitors, especially during weekends and holidays.

A single tube can only accommodate one person, after all. Even though the management provides many tubes for tourists, they are always lacking especially during weekends. Knowing this fact, everyone should consider visiting Petung Ulung Adventure in regular or working days (when fewer people are seen on the site). The next important tip is that everyone should listen to the instruction given by the management. It is because they will go on their own once riding the tube!

While queuing, it is recommended to wait in nearby gazebos. On this site, tourists can even make some new friends by talking to other visitors. That time becomes a nice opportunity to collect beautiful pictures of nature and the activity too, in fact. Thus, everyone should consider carrying a camera when visiting Petung Ulung!

Nearby Attraction

  • Ngliman Mountain
  • Batu Songgong Hill
  • Sumbermanik Waterfall
  • Sumberanjlok Waterfall
  • Kebon Agung
  • Kweden River Park

How to Get There

For those coming from Surabaya City, they may spend a trip for about 2 hours and 18 minutes to get to the site. It is because the distance is 130 km, but it would be faster if they take Mojokerto – Kertosono Freeway. Their first destination is Nganjuk Regency. Next, they must head to Sawahan Sub-District and visit Petung Ulung Village afterward.

Where to Stay

  • Adhi Hotel
  • Pasanggrahan Hotel