When it comes to a vacation to Nganjuk Regency, many tourists may realize how famous Putri Ayu Cave & Waterfall is. This beautiful tourist site is located in Sambikerep Village and belongs to Rejoso Sub-District. The site is managed by Perhutani (National Forest Company) and resides in a lush teak forest. With such comfy environment, the site becomes a perfect location to enjoy a family recreation, relaxation, exploration, bathing, photography, and many others! It is true visitors should pay the entrance fee in order to spend a good time there, but the cost is worth the money.

The Nuance

As tourists may expect, they may find both beautiful waterfall and cave on the site. That means visitors can explore two different types of tourist site within the same area! During weekends or holidays, in fact, the site becomes crowded and there would be around 90 people enjoying good times there. On the other hand, there would be only around 10-20 people during working days. Have no worries. The distance between the site and ticket booth is only 200 meters, so it takes no time and effort to get there. Even the formation of teaks provides a comfy and shady ambiance to the site, which reduces the tiredness during trekking.

Exploring Putri Ayu Cave

Some locals also call it “Grojogan Putri Ayu”. When it comes to allures, the site offers many benefits to visitors. For example, it is natural exploration. That means visitors may explore the site and enjoy the nuance to their heart’s content. It takes some time to get to the location, after all. Not to mention tourists should pass through lush teak forest and bushes to reach the waterfall. Have no worries. The rewards are quite satisfying, as they are able to find a flawless waterfall and unique cave later.

The cave is located on the wall of a hill, so tourists should climb the landscape in order to reach it. Thanks to the management. They have provided an uphill path, so tourists can get to the cave easily. Once reaching the site, they would be astonished by the panorama. Moreover, there is more than a cave there, but five! It is a little bit disappointing that tourists are not able to enter the cave due to the small size of the mouth of those caves. Instead, they can take selfies in front of them.

Another fun thing to do in Putri Ayu Cave is definitely to get in the waterfall and take a bath in it. The water feels fresh and it looks crystal clear, too. Here is the tip. The best time to visit to enjoy such activity is in the morning when the atmosphere is the freshest. The only consideration is that visitors are not allowed to litter or spoil the nature.

Nearby Attraction

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How to Get There

The trip starts from Surabaya City and tourists’ prime destination is Nganjuk Regency. Next, they can head to Rejoso Sub-District and visit Sambikerep Village afterward. The whole trip may take around 2 hours and 21 minutes, as the distance is 130 km actually. No worries. It becomes faster if they take Mojokerto – Kertosono Freeway.

Where to Stay

  • Istana Hotel
  • Asri Hotel
  • Djaya Hotel