Sedudo Waterfall is the icon of main destination belong to Nganjuk regency. It is located in Mount Wilis on about 1.438 m dpl height. The waterfall precisely located in Ngliman village, Sawahan district, about 30km from Nganjuk downtown. The waterfall is in 105 m levels, so the panorama of the waterfall looks so beautiful. And also, the scenery of surrounding feel so nature and cool mountain air makes Sedudo waterfall is recommended destination to visited.

For your comfortable, there are various facilities have been built such as bathrooms, dressing room, rest areas, parking area, food court, souvenir shops and fruits kiosk. And for you who like to adventure, there still many other waterfalls and nature destination in this area. You may visit it and get the adventurous destination here.

Meanwhile, you will treated with beautiful natural scenery along the way to the waterfall. Those are Roses garden, stream, jungles, and mountain. And when Suro (Javanese month) has come, Sedudo waterfall will so crowded by many people. They believe of a myth that says that take a bath in this waterfall will bring blessing, safety and ageless. That’s why, the local people take some traditional ceremony in Suro month.