Those who never visit Nganjuk Regency may wonder what they can do when spending a vacation there. Well, it can be as simple as watching a traditional dance called Tayub. This stunning local entertainment is originated from Ngrajek Village and belongs to Tanjunganom Sub-District, actually. As for the information, the locals perform the dance during big events, especially during Syuro Month. No wonder, it becomes an annual performance done through generations. As for tourists, the dance completes the allures of Nganjuk Regency and it has become a nice entertainment for everyone.

The Nuance

Tayub Dance is performed by girls or women most of the time. These dancers are called Waranggana and they even have created a community in order to retain such cultural heritage of Nganjuk. The movements of the dance look so unified and beautiful, for sure. Not to mention it features “Gending” accompaniment! The dancers wear traditional clothes of Nganjuk and use a shawl as the ornament. Here is the unique thing. The dancers may put the shawl on the audience’s shoulder, which means they ask the audience to dance with them on the stage.

Enjoying Tayub Dance

According to history, the locals performed Tayub Dance in order to greet important guests or leaders of the region. The ones who introduced the dance were people of Ngrajek Village, actually. These people are known for their conservative idea regarding local tradition, so they work hard to retain their cultural heritage including this dance. Despite such strictness, these people are quite friendly to outsiders and tourists! That means it is easy to get information regarding the dance from them, too.

For those who want to watch Tayub Dance, though, they must get information regarding the schedule first. It is said the locals may regularly perform it during Syuro Month. Not only the event attracts villagers, but it also lures those who live in other villagers and even outsiders. At the time, Waranggono (the dancers) even conduct a graduation ceremony so the nuance becomes merrier! Knowing this fact, tourists should talk to a tour agent or guide beforehand! It is to make sure that they come at the right time to watch the dance.

During the performance, taking pictures is allowed as long as tourists don’t distract the dancers (especially due to the flash of the camera). What is more? The best thing is that the audience gets the chance to dance with Waranggono once they get the shawl from the dancer!

Nearby Attraction

  • Nganjuk Monument
  • Buduran Monument
  • Pandan Wilis Park

How to Get There

From Surabaya City, tourists should head to Nganjuk Regency right away. The next thing to do is to reach Tanjunganom Sub-District and visit Ngrajek Village afterward (which is the home of Tayub Dance). This whole trip may take around 1 hour and 51 minutes, as the distance is 113 km. For a faster trip, everyone should take Surabaya – Mojokerto Freeway. Next, they should take Mojokerto – Kertosono Freeway. Still, the trip is more efficient if tourists hire a tour guide despite the service fee.

Where to Stay

  • Djaya Hotel
  • Mataram Hotel
  • Nirwana Hotel
  • Istana Hotel