Nganjuk Regency is one of the tourists’ favorite vacation destinations when they are visiting East Java Province in Indonesia. Well, one of the reasons is the presence of famous Watu Lawang Hill which is located in Ngliman Village. In terms of region, it belongs to Sawahan Sub-District, actually. To be exact, the hill resides next to the ticket booth of Sedudo Waterfall (which is also a famous tourist site in Nganjuk). That means those who come by motorcycle can park it in nearby areas of the booth and start trekking to the hill afterward.

The Nuance

In terms of nuance, Watu Lawang Hill offers both pristine and serene ambiance. Many shady and big trees grow on it, so the atmosphere is quite refreshing. It even feels fresher in the morning, as the air becomes cooler and soother. When it comes to trekking route, it has a moderate level of difficulty and wide access. No wonder, everyone is able to enjoy hiking regardless of their experience. The best thing is that the hill features an amazing panorama, which is perfect for photography and sightseeing. Not to mention tourists can find 4 beautiful waterfalls during exploration!

Exploring Watu Lawang Hill

The first allure of Watu Lawang Hill is definitely the panorama. The environment looks unspoiled and it features various natural attractions as well including green hills, river, local farms, and villages. Tourists can enjoy these views both during trekking and exploring the hill, in fact. Here is the best thing. The air is refreshing and cool there, which may soothe and comfort everyone. Plus, the presence of fog makes the site dreamier. In order to feel such nuance, tourists should come in the morning though.

The next reason many people come to Watu Lawang Hill is the strategic location. As mentioned before, the hill is located to other famous natural attractions especially Sedudo Waterfall and Ngliman Cave. Even 3 more waterfalls are available for everyone to visit during trekking later. Therefore, it is recommended to carry bottled water and come in a good stamina for the sake of comfortable trekking. As for the information, the trekking route has the length of about 300 meters, which is considered moderate.

Another reason to visit Watu Lawang Hill is indeed photography. Visitors want to capture beautiful pictures of nature and take selfies in front of serene waterfalls located on such pristine area, after all. Moreover, the presence of pine forest makes such activity more interesting to do, no?

Nearby Attraction

  • Ngliman Cave
  • Singokromo Waterfall
  • Niagara Sedudo
  • Sri Gunting Waterfall

How to Get There

From Surabaya City (the capital of East Java Province), tourists may spend a trip for about 2 hours and 42 minutes to get to Watu Lawang Hill. It is because the distance is 142 km, but the trip becomes faster if they take Mojokerto – Kertosono Freeway. The first destination is none other than Nganjuk Regency. Next, they can get to Sawahan Sub-District and head to Ngliman Village afterward.

Where to Stay

  • Pasanggrahan Hotel
  • Widhihanto Hotel
  • Srikandi 2 Hotel
  • Tlogorejo 2 Hotel